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Play Blackjack Online in Malaysia

Blackjack is without any shadow of a doubt the most popular table game when it comes to both online casino and land-based table games.

However, just like with any other casino game, it has a particular set of rules that must be observed to play the game the way it should be, so as to win against the house.


Aside from the dealer, a game of Blackjack involves between 1-7 players.

Each player comes up against the dealer, though, irrespective of the others at the table.

In order to win a hand, a player must have a card value of 21 or something closer than what the dealer has, without going over.

A hand that exceeds 21 is regarded as a “bust” and is representative of a lost bet.

Card Values

black jack 21The value of the dealer’s hand, as well as the player’s hand, represents the sum of the cards’ face value.

  • All face cards, which include Queen, King, and Jack, have a value of 10 each.
  • Card values 2 to 10 have values that are same as the number.
  • An Ace is played as an 11 or a 1, and this is dependent on what produces a better hand.
  • An Ace is considered “soft,” if it is indicated as an 11 while it is referred to as “hard” if it is given a value of 1. The difference is that a hard hand can most likely lead to a bust if a different face card is drawn unlike a soft hand that cannot be busted with the drawing of another face card.

Be rest assured that you’ll get a thorough and well detailed understanding of this when you play the game below, which is one of the numerous no download casino games presented on our website.

The Play

To start the game, all the players have to place a bet.

Each player, together with the dealer, is dealt two cards facing down or up.

Then players each take their turn at the chance to “hit,” meaning to draw an added card with the hope of improving the hand.

On the other hand, the player may opt to “stay” and avoid receiving any additional cards; in a process known “standing pat”.

The dealer usually continues to draw more cards until he gets to a hard 16 hand. The dealer has to “stand pat” at 17.

Getting 21

The name of the game originates from Natural or Blackjack hand.

These hands take place when the first two cards a player (or dealer) is dealt are a face card and Ace, which equals 21.

This lucky hand will happen on average about every 20 hands.

Getting this hand ensures that the player will win the hand in addition to a 3:2 payout rather than the normal 1:1, on the condition that the dealer does not match this hand as well.

If there is a tie, all the chips belonging to the player will remain in the bet box, while the hand is “pushed.”

Splitting Pairs

In the game’s 1st round, splitting pairs can take place as long as a player is in possession of two cards with the same value. If this occurs, the player has the opportunity to separate the cards into two distinct hands and thereafter play them independently.

The second hand is needed so as to have another bet, and, a player will be given a unique opportunity of multiple resplits to the value of 3 or 4 if he continuously draws the same value card dependent on the casino.

This rule is however limited as it only applies to two Aces, where a player is only able to pull one card for each rather than two when splitting.

Doubling Down

Double-betting your first two cards is known as doubling down.

When you make use of the ‘Doubling Down’ rule, however, you are only permitted to draw an additional card per bet.

The recommendation is that this hand is employed when you are in possession of a hand that can’t be busted or when the dealer is in possession of a hand that can easily cause a bust.


A “surrender” happens when you are afforded the chance to play a bad hand before pulling another card.

This rule is allowed in only a few casinos. You will be forfeiting half of your bet when you choose to make use of a surrender. It is, however, better in some cases than losing it all.


Insurance will be on offer once the dealer gets an Ace, face up.

You can offer 50 percent of your original bet as insurance in the event that the dealer is allocated a 21, thereby paying you 2:1 if he gets a blackjack.

However, this is viewed as a wasteful bet which is why it is only recommended by most Malaysia casino and nobody else.

Therefore if you are offered insurance, politely decline.

Blackjack Casino Game Malaysia

For you to fully comprehend the history behind blackjack and its relationship with the game as it is being played today, you have to realize that other rules could possibly apply to this game other than the ones discussed earlier.

Variants of the game are played based on the establishment, though the basic format remains the same generally.

It is important to know the rudiments of the game so as to maximize your payout potential when playing live or online at